Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces Weather and Climate

1. Yuanyang Geography

Yuanyang County is located in the south of Yunnan Province, south of Ailao Mountain, soth bank of Honghe River. The geographical coordinate is 102°27′~103°13′ east longitude, 22°49′~23°19′ north latitude. The territory in Yuanyang is all mountain land, layer upon layer of mountains, and has no flat. With lowest altitude 144 meters, highest altitude of 2939.6 meters, the relative height difference is 2795.6 meters.

2. Yuanyang Climate

Because of high altitude and low latitude, climate in Yuanyang is subtropical mountain monsoon climate, with the three-dimensional climatic feature of “one mountain with four seasons, one mile with different climate”. Yuanyang County is one of the important production places of tropical fruit, cloud-fog tea and gold.

Climatic Data of Yuanyang.

Annual Average Temperature: 24.4℃

Maximum Temperature: 44.1℃,

Minimum Temperature: 3.7℃

Annual Average Precipitation: 899.5 mm

Highest Rainfall: 1189.1 mm

Lowest Rainfall: 665.7 mm

3. The Best Time to Visit Yuanyang

The core area of Honghe Hani Rice Terrace is Yuanyang Rice Terrace, spring, summer, autumn and winter, different scenery in four seasons. It is available to visit Yuanyang all year round, but the best time to visit Yuanyang is in winter(from November to next April). In winter, there is only water in paddy field. With the change of sunray, terrace presents different beautiful scenery. Sea of cloud often appears at these months. If you want to experience rice transplanting, come and visit Yuanyang Terrace in late April.