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In 2010, there are 349 schools of all kinds, including 311 primary schools, 18 middle schools, 18 kindergartens and 2 secondary vocational schools. With the development of economy, education in Yuanyang is developing. Yuanyang education gives the information of some selected schools, which could be helpful to design your students education tour.

Chinese Name English Name Address
元阳县第一中学 Yuanyang No.1 Middle School Datian Street, Xinjie Town, Yuanyang County, Honghe (红河州元阳县新街镇大田街)
攀枝花中学 Panzhihua Middle School Panzhihua Township, Yuanyang County(元阳县攀枝花乡)
元阳县民族中学 Yuanyang Ethnic Middle School Linyuan Road, Nnasha Town, Yuanyang county(元阳县南沙镇林园路)
元阳县马街中学 Majie Middle School Majie Village, Majie Township, Yuanyang County(元阳县马街乡马街村)
元阳县俄扎乡中学 Ezha Middle School Habo Village, Ezha Township, Yuanyang County(元阳县俄扎乡哈播村)
黄草岭中学 Huangcaoling Middle School Nearby Huancaoling Farm, Huangcaoling Township, Yuanyang County(元阳县黄草岭农场附近)
元阳胜村中学 Shengcun Middle School Shengcun Road, Xinjie Town, Yuanyang County(元阳县新街镇胜村段)
元阳高级中学 Yuanyang High School No.200, Renmin Road, Nansha Town, Yuanyang County(元阳县南沙镇人民路200号)
元阳县第一小学 Yuanyang No.1 Primary School Provincial Road 214, Xinjie Town, Yuanyang County(元阳县新街镇214省道)
民族小学 Ethnic Primary School The Crossroad of Binglang Road and Binhe Road, Nansha Town, Yuanyang County(元阳县南沙镇槟榔路与滨河路交叉口)
黄茅岭中心小学 Huangmaoling Center Primary School Nearby the Government of Huangmaoling Township, Xiou Highway, Yuanyang County(元阳县夕欧公路黄茅岭乡政府附近)
马街小学 Majie Primary School Majie Village, Majie Township, Yuanyang County(元阳县马街乡马街村)
胜村中心小学 Shengcun Center Primary School Shengcun Village, Xinjie Town, Yuanyang County(元阳县新街镇胜村村委会)
多依树小学 Duoyishu Primary School Shengcun Village, Xinjie Town, Yuanyang County(元阳县新街镇胜村)
元阳县幼儿园 Yuanyang Kindergarten Xiajiejie Community, Xinjie Town, Yuanyang County(元阳县新街镇下节街社区)
元阳县小脚丫幼儿园 Xiaojiaoya Kindergarten Nansha Road, Nansha Town, Yuanyang County(元阳县南沙镇南沙路)
新苗幼儿园 Xinmiao Kindergarten Baisheng Road, Xinjie Town, Yuanyang County(元阳县新街镇百胜段)
小葵花双语幼儿园 Xiaokuihua Bilingual Kindergarten Yunti Shunjie Hotel, Xinjie Town, Yuanyang County(元阳县新街镇云梯顺捷酒店)
元阳县第一幼儿园 Yuanyang No.1 Kindergarten No.10, Yuanlin Road, Nansha Town, Yuanyang County(元阳县南沙镇园林路10号)

Almost all towns and townships in Yuanyang have their own kindergartens, primary schools and middle schools.

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