Honghe Hani Rice Terraces Education

With the development of economy and tourism, education in Honghe Hani Rice Terraces is developing. Honghe Hani Rice Terraces education gives the information of some schools of Yuanyang County, Honghe County, Jinping County and Lvchun County, which could be helpful to design your students education tour.

Yuanyang County Education

1. Yuanyang No.1 Middle School元阳县第一中学

Address: Datian Street, Xinjie Town, Yuanyang County, Honghe (红河州元阳县新街镇大田街)

Tel: 0873-5622902

2. Shengcun Middle School元阳胜村中学

Address: Shengcun Road, Xinjie Town, Yuanyang County(元阳县新街镇胜村段)

Tel: 0873-5642026

Jinping County Education

1. Jinping No.1 Senior Middle School金平县第一中学

Address: No.8, Yucai Road, Jinhe Town, Jinping County金平县金河镇育才路8号

Tel: 0873-5221222

2. Laomeng Middle School老勐中学

Address: Laomeng Street, Laomeng   Town, Jinping County金平县老勐镇老勐街

Tel: 0873-5390258

Honghe County Education

1. Honghe County No.1 Middle School红河县第一中学

Address: Paoma Community, Xiaosai Street, Yisa Town, Honghe County红河县小寨街跑马社区

Tel: 0873-4621245

2. Baohua Middle School红河县宝华中学

Address: Baohua Street, Baohua Township, Honghe County红河县宝华乡宝华街

Tel: 0873-4511009

Lvchun County Education

1. Lvchun No.1 Senior Middle School绿春县第一中学

Address: Niuhong Village, Daxing Town, Lvchun County, Honghe红河州绿春县大兴镇牛洪村

Tel: 0873-4221464

2. Ethnic Vocational High School绿春县民族职业高级中学

Address: No.60, Yingchun Road, Daxing Town, Lvchun County绿春县迎春路60号

Tel: 0873-4221575

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